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  Seattle Seaplanes is located at the southeast corner of Lake Union in Downtown Seattle
Visit us year-round from 8 a.m. until sunset Monday through Saturday, and from 9 a.m. until sunset on Sundays
We’ve been flying from Lake Union in Seattle for over 30 years! 
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Jim Chrysler

Jim Chrysler
In 1966, Jim received his private pilot's license right here on Lake Union, from Lake Union seaplane legend Lana Kurtzer. In subsequent years, Jim spent time working for Kurtzer Flying Service on Lake Union. In 1981, Jim opened his own business, Chrysler Air, which became Seattle Seaplanes in 1995.  23,000 hours of seaplane flying later, Jim and his various Doberman pets have been a part of Lake Union seaplane flight ever since.



Richard Edgerton

Richard Edgerton
Richard was born and raised in Seattle, living in the flight path of seaplanes and dreaming of engaging in the adventure. Since his first seaplane ride (the day after Senior prom!), his perspective was forever changed. He appreciates the perfect fusion of two wonderful endeavors: airplanes and boats. Richard teaches mathematics at Aviation High School (where the sky is NOT the limit!), and also remains engaged in all aspects of aerospace education.



Bob Reinhart

Bob Rhinehart
Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Bob moved to the Seattle area in 1983 and has been flying ever since. He loves the nearly unlimited opportunities for exploration and recreation that seaplane flight has to offer. Before he was either a pilot or a Seattle resident, Bob served two years in the Eastern Caribbean as a Peace Corps volunteer.



Kit Warfield

Kit Warfield
A native of Montana, Kit has been flying for nearly twenty years. Kit flies land planes as well as seaplanes, but loves the combo of water + air that seaplane flying provides. She’s also the voice of the designated pilot examiner in four versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.



James Young

James Young
Our newest instructor, James has been flying scenic flights for Seattle Seaplanes for several years now. Originally from West Virginia, James has been a pilot since he was 17 years old. He's known for his devastating tennis serve and his relentless humor.


Toby James Chrysler
A native of Sherlock Kennels in Kent, Washington, Toby James loves how happy everyone seems to be when they come back from a seaplane flight. As a Doberman, Toby hasn't spent too much time in the air, but he loves to hear stories about it. He serves as the staff psychologist, and, although he may appear ferocious at first, he's actually a huge sweetheart.

Be sure to read Toby's Dog Blog.





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